Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Wreak havoc in Miami Shark

Play the role of a monstrous super-shark that can take a chopper down at the sea and cause havoc! Miami Shark is definitely a fun-packed entertaining shark game for kids and young people who love to cause destruction in their own way. Go eat the swimmers on the beach. If it is not really satisfying, then you can try exploding boats. Take the shark down and rush your way up for a super jump. This is really fun. The scores depend on the level of destruction you cause. You can earn higher points by taking down a helicopter. There are a variety of objects in the game that makes it a real visual treat and absolute fun at the play.

This game is idea for kids as it is very easy to control the shark. When you are at the game, you are not controlling an ordinary shark. Miami Shark has some interesting ability and superpowers. Its shark and edgy teeth can grab the helicopter stand and take it straight down to the sea just by pressing the down arrow key repeatedly. The shark bites and eats the oncoming objects when you press the Ctrl or A button. You can control the shark's direction by using the arrow keys on the right side of your keyboard.

This is a really cool online flash game available to you for free. You can play it online and spend hours of fun-packed and thrilling entertainment while the shark is on its ravenous journey across the Miami Beach.This game gives you a wild ride through the beach side environment. Enjoy causing destruction and mayhem in Miami style. Eat everything on your way and explode the boats by biting them from behind. The game offers you the chance to be mean and really cruel by the role-play of a shark that can eat everything that comes on its way.

People who love to experience adrenaline rush and pure insanity by causing mass genocide and explosion, this game is right for them. This tiny flash game loads fast and you can start playing it right way without any sign up process Get ready for some really cool explosions and violence around the beach side. This game does not showcase graphic violence therefore your kids can play it without any problems.

You will play as a razor tooth shark. It gives you the feeling of insanity and you can do anything you want at the beach except drinking wine coolers alone! We will be eating the swimmers and they are not all men! You can also take down airlines, helicopters and army choppers to the sea and create a massive score for your friends to compete. You can submit your score online to showcase your talent in this game. The game is highly competitive when you challenge your friends to play a match to score higher than you. Turn the familiar beach side scenery to your favorite hunting ground with this super cool and explosive flash game for kids and youths.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Grand Theft Auto meets Theme Hospital - Playing Ambulance Madness Game

This classic hospital game gives a similar visual feel to the original Grant Theft Auto series, with a cross from the truly missed Theme Hospital.

Going into Ambulance Madness, one would expect it to be fairly simple. However trying to avoid cars while remembering what treatment your patient needs, appears to be more challenging than originally thought.
After you get a hang of the controls, you'll find yourself speeding towards the patient in need who is usually a fair distance away. One would think this would be easy task however avoiding the cars alone appears to be the biggest challenge.

Once the patient has been collected it's time for treatment. You'll have to remember the orders you're given at the start of the game were, to insure they don't die on your trip back. The auto drive feature tends to best be saved up until this point so you may treat the patient while your ambulance magically returns back to the hospital for you as driving while treating the patient proves to be a very difficult task, but one that doesn't come across as annoying.

There hasn't been any good hospital games this decade, however Ambulance Madness fills that gap in the market quite nicely. You'll most likely find yourself playing for longer than originally intended as it does get fairly additive as you move further up the stages. Ambulance Madness also requires a fair amount of concentration and I would assume it promotes brain development once one masters the art of driving with the WASD keys and treating the patient for their injuries with the mouse. This could even be a game the females could excel in using their multi-tasking skills!

The visuals and audio in Ambulance Madness are basic, but pleasing. It goes to show that in this day and age it's not all about flashy graphics and world class orchestras and that sometimes all you need to enjoy a game is going back to the basics of a 2D world. Colors are bright and vibrant, and sounds don't irritate you to the point where you want to poke toiler paper in your ears. Also the ability to change the visual quality at the main menu of Ambulance Madness proves to be a nice feature for anybody playing on very old computers. Not a feature commonly found in many ambulance games these days.

One of the best features of Ambulance Madness is how it saves your progress even if you close the game. If you need a break for whatever reason but don't want to lose your progress, no problem! When you open the game back up it will start off from whatever patient your up to, and all of this is a free feature that doesn't include registering or signing up at all. This should be something mandatory in all flash games today.

Ambulance Madness is one of the few hospital games that you'll return to play time and time again. A fantastic game enjoyed by family, friends and of course, yourself.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

2 Billiards 2 Play 2 Ordinary

2 Billiards 2 Play is an online flash game created by Benz.be. The game offers play in different types of billiards, 8-ball and straight pool. Each mode allows the gamer to play against the computer or with a second player. In straight pool mode, the gamer can also just knock some balls around in a single player game.  Music can be toggled on and off in the top right hand corner along with sound effects.

For people new to the game of billiards, the title screen offers the rules and objectives for both modes of play. It does a good job of introducing the new players to the game.  It would have been nice to see a deeper menu that allowed for a "How To Play" screen, but there is not one.  The player then selects their game type and its time to hit the table. The game however, is quite underwhelming. Compared to other flash pool games, 2 Billiards 2 Play is very ordinary. This bare bones version allows a gamer to knock around a few balls, but little else. One such example is the annoying inability to enter your name or keep a score of any kind. The game refers to you as "Player" and the computer as "Computer." And of course, player 2 is referred to as "Player 2."

The gameplay of 2 Billiards 2 Play is also on the lower end of the flash pool game spectrum. As said before, the game lacks a instructional mode. However, the functions are so simple it does not require one. You click to pull back the cue, and release to send the cue ball hurtling around the table. That is the extent of the gameplay. The line indicating the path of your shot can be toggled on and off allowing for a little added difficulty. The physics are okay, the balls definitely go the direction they should go, but your cue is very underpowered. A good break shot (the first shot of the game for those that don't know) is nearly impossible with such a weak cue. However, once you get some space between the balls, the cue does seem to send them flying around. The crucial aspect missing is not being able to control my shot. The physics are good to send the ball in the direction you want, but the control ends there.  You can't change where you hit the cue ball to add backspin or sidespin. Nor can you change camera angles. The game ends with a message on screen such as PLAYER 1 WON, that's it.
Flash pool games are some of the first flash games, and have grown a ton since the early days.  This game seems a little out of date compared to others.  2 Billiards 2 Play is a no frills pool game. It's a nice little time waster, but gets old quickly. There is nothing to entice you to play it more than once, unless it is revenge against Player 2. In an age where there are an abundance of flash pool games, one can find a richer experience elsewhere.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Playing Bus Driving Games - LAX Shuttle Bus Game Review

The very notion of driving a giant, powerful and monumental bus like the LAX Shuttle Bus instantly triggers a rush of various emotions in people who love large vehicles. However, driving shuttle buses is not easy since you need to be in complete control over the vehicle, making sure you don't crash it while maneuvering its robust self on the road. Real-deal drivers will have no problems with this kind of task. If you consider yourself to be such a driver, try and enjoy playing game!

This game is a mixture of demanding, exciting and awesome. Namely, the main point of the game is picking up passengers and delivering them to specific destinations. Usually, this involves filling up the bus with travelers arriving at a specific terminal and then delivering them to the flight station at a specified time. Taking the sheer vastness of the airport into consideration, this is not an easy thing to do and you will need to pay close attention to the surroundings, managing your way through the busy airport on time. It is something that simply needs to be tried out, so rush on and play LAX Shuttle Bus!

The game is a nicely made, running smooth in every way. There are millions of tiny little touches that make it special. For example, during the game, you will be able to observe the whole driving session of yours from a bird's perspective. Nevertheless, you will also have the hands-on experience by observing the inside of the driver's cabin. As for the airport, it is neatly textured, with simple, yet realistic routes and signposts, telling you where to go in order to complete the tasks.

Your LAX Shuttle Bus will drive you crazy at some points of the game. Simply, you will need to maneuver it adequately in order to deliver the passengers to the desired destination but this will render impossible due to the size of the bus. Therefore, you will experience the game just as you would a real-life shuttle bus. After all, skills are what matters and you need to tame this rebellious machine and force it to obey your commands. It's all in a day's work of a LAX Shuttle Bus driver.

The rest of the game features are up to your to discover. Reading about it can hardly suffice to the real, raw sensation of gaming. Thus, let's end these words and sit in front of the steering wheel and get the job done like pros! For more games like this, you can visit http://www.playgamesward.com/busgames.html to play even more bus driving games online.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

BMX Freestyle – Ride Like a Pro

Here's a game that is going to set the world on fire in a matter of seconds. BMX Freestyle is its name and its an online flash game which can be played instantly, being an excellent representative of this gaming genre. There are lots of types when are talking about bmx games, mostly they are related to competition mode, but the true creativity comes to the fore in freestyle mode.

The goal of the game is, of course, getting the best score within a time limit, performing to your maximum and squeezing as many tricks as you can in your riding session. The more tricks you pull off, the higher your score will be. Thus, if you want to beat the game, you will have to keep those fingers busy, pressing the adequate keyboard combinations.

The “X” key is the trigger for performing tricks. You can combine it with different direction keys and pull off some other interesting tricks, making the crowds jump and scream as loud as they can, cheering for their favorite rider.

Even though the game does not incorporate the names of the tricks you perform, a well trained BMX eye can notice quite a few of the most popular ones such as the tailwhip, the 360 flip, the superman, some of the most wanted spin tricks etc. Once you nail a couple of tricks one after another, you get on fire, starting a stunt spree like no other. So, BMX Freestyle has plenty of action to offer and its up to you to see whether you can become good enough or not. Play BMX Freestyle or some other excellent BMX games and see it first-handedly.

The terrain you will be riding through while playing this incredible game is quite a diverse one. First of all, it will allow you to get enough massive air for the most unbelievable tricks. For this purpose you can use the one and only – the halfpipe. Tall and oval, this ramp takes you to the moon and back, but you need to be careful enough not to land on your nose. Also, you will have a couple of double launch ramps at your disposal, along with a pair curved launch ramps and some quarterpipes. All in all, you will have enough room for performing your magic without problems. You just need to concentrate and synchronize your tricks with the landing. Once you understand how this is done, it is all high score and combos for you to achieve, enjoying every moment of BMX Freestyle.

The point of BMX Freestyle riding is performing stunts of all types. So, even if you manage to connect a couple of tricks, you can still combine these with moving from one ramp to the other, getting as high as possible and doing some tricks that others cannot. Enjoy playing this awesome member of the most amazing BMX Games.

Friday, December 7, 2012

The experience of a Dirt Bike

Do you love bikes? Is it your dream to ride a variety of bikes and roam around the streets? If yes, then this game has been designed especially for you. There are many different kinds of bikes designed for various individuals, but this game is for the people who really like to get themselves and their bikes dirty. As the name of the game indicates the dirt bike is for those people who like to have adventure with their bikes on bumpy and muddy tracks. The bikes used in this game are known as the off-road bike. These are special bikes designed for off-road tracks.

Dirt bike has been designed for the adventure seeking individuals who like the off-road bikes. The name off road has been given to these bikes because they are for muddy and uneven tracks. Furthermore, these bikes are quite light and simple to provide greater support for the uneven tracks.  This game provides a true and real experience of these bikes. The tracks of this game are kept challenging so that the player can enjoy the thrill of riding an off-road bike. Moreover, with each passing level the challenge increases in terms of the tracks.

Dirt Bike can be enjoyed by every individual regardless of his and her age. This game not only provides the thrill of off-road bikes, but also enhances the competitive edge in a player. As, the level of the game proceeds along the obstacle increases and becomes tougher. Furthermore, the controls of this game are kept quite simple for the player. The players just have to master the movement of the arrow keys to play this free dirt bike game. Points are awarded based on obstacles passed, and time consumed in one stage. If the bike crashes during the ride, then the player has to start the game all over again.

The players of this game can publish their scores online, so that other players can compare and compete with them. Furthermore, the audio and graphic of the dirt bike are designed in a way that it gives the players real sensation of being an off-road biker. To master this game the players just have to control the arrow keys. The bike movements and jump are quite sensitive to the key touch. Therefore, the player has to be extra careful while playing. The reviews of the dirt bike show that this game is liked by many individuals because of its obstacles and techniques.

However, in the start this game seems a bit annoying because every time the player starts passing the obstacles, the bike turns upside down and gets crashed, but once you master the keys and basic techniques than it become quite interesting and challenging. The obstacles provide in this game vary from old tires too large boxes and containers.  So, why to wait for the special real off road bike experience, when the dirt bike game is present. Grab your favorite color bike and starting passing the obstacles with just a touch of a key.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Spiderman vs Venom Game Review - Spiderman Game For Kids

Spiderman Vs Venom is a classic dart game where you either play as the
good guy - Spiderman, or bad guy Venom.  In fact it makes no difference as to who you play except in cosmetics.  You get two gameplay modes - one where you play against the computer and all its artificial intelligence over several levels of increasing difficulty, or the second gameplay mode which you compete against each other to see who can score the most hits against the AI.

There is a dearth of actual two player flash type games, and disappointingly this game does not allow one player to take control of Spiderman and the other venom, and instead is more of a leader board challenge - and is almost identical to the single player game.

The game itself is actually quite fun to play.  As one of the superhero or villains, you must move side to side while trying to shoot the other player.  The controls are simple and very intuitive in terms of jumping and moving to the side and are easy to pick up.  The controls are also quite responsive, and dodging the computer is well balanced.

The presentation and graphics are very simple, but do not stutter and run well on a low spec machine, but are perfectly adequate.  You will find yourself being really in tune with your characters movements, and there is no jerkiness or loading times to spoil your aim.  The sound is reasonable for a flash game, but is nothing memorable.

The gameplay is limited - you only have one real target to hit - you do get bonus targets but these do not appear to make any difference to your game.  If there was an opportunity to upgrade your character or hit power ups, this game could be more in depth.

The difficulty of the game is actually quite well done, with the game gently easing you into the game mechanics.  Although you would guess rightly that the computer tends to fall back into the same predictable patterns of movement, obstacles, and the slow movement of the webs make the game challenging.  At higher levels, your opponent tends to move more quickly and does not spend much time in the same spot.  The game tends to become a game of predicting where Venom or Spiderman lands, and hoping to hit them with a slow moving web.  Meanwhile, you need to continuously move if you are to avoid being hit by your opponent who will start to fire more and more webs as the game gets harder.

In summary, the game is really quite shallow, and will not hook you in for a long time.  It is reasonable if you have a few minutes to spend playing games, but it will not provide much of a long term distraction.  The two player option does not really offer much increase in playability.  There are better Spiderman games for kids out there than this, so unless you are a massive Spiderman vs Venom fan, this can provide a short term distraction at most.